Highest absorption contrast XRM
Spatial resolution 0.5 µm
Compact form factor

Key Advantages:

Highest Contrast & Highest Throughput for Challenging Samples

The ChromaXRM features Sigray’s patented x-ray multi-color source. Selecting the x-ray color of the x-ray beam illuminating the sample can dramatically improve contrast to visualize details that would otherwise be missed, as clearly is seen in the images below comparing the ChromaXRM to the setup of the next leading XRM. Because of the high contrast, tomographies can be acquired at 10X the throughput for these challenging samples.

500nm Spatial Resolution

ChromaXRM achieves the highest spatial resolution available on the market at 500nm (0.5 µm).
Shown below are individual eggs resolved in the eggs sacks of a daphnia (water flea) specimen.

Multiple Fields of View with 5 Detectors

Up to 5 detector configuration options are available within the same system, enabling selection between multiple resolution and field-of-view settings analogous to a visible light microscope. Below is an example workflow in which detector modes are switched by software to zoom in on features of interest in an intact medicine container.

System Features

Patented Multi-Spectral Contrast X-ray Source

ChromaXRM’s patented x-ray source technology offers up to 5 user selectable X-ray target materials. Changing the X-ray target enables the user to optimize the X-ray spectrum for each application, thereby maximizing contrast and throughput.

Select up to 5 elements for your ChromaXRM-500 x-ray source. Examples are given above but additional targets (e.g., Pt, Ag, etc.) may be provided upon request.

Each of the 5 x-ray spectra has its own peak x-ray energy and wavelength, similar to the concept of “color” for visible light. For example, blue has a 450 nm wavelength while red has a 750 nm wavelength. Similarly, an x-ray source target made of Chromium will produce 2.3Å wavelength x-rays while a Copper target will produce 1.55Å wavelength x-rays.

Samples of different compositions and sizes are optimized when the illuminating x-ray is of the correct color. Contrast and throughput can be maximized by >10X. Other XRM and microCT products on the market only offer an x-ray source with a Tungsten target, which offers good penetration but poor contrast on many challenging samples.

Software: GigaRecon Tomography & Sigray3D Acquisition

GigaRecon | Tomographic reconstruction software that pairs the fastest reconstruction times with an unmatched suite of features for achieving the best result every time. Reconstruction speeds of <45 seconds are achieved for 2048 x 2048 x 2200 datasets. GiagRecon provides the fastest iterative tomography reconstruction on the market, enabling high quality image reconstruction with 5X shorter data collection time, substantially accelerating tomography imaging time over conventional FDK reconstruction.

Sigray3D | Intuitive Acquisition
  • Easy, intuitive software gets your team up and running in no time
  • Click to align the sample and start measuring in seconds
  • AI powered AutoPilot suggests the optimal settings for each sample
  • Queue up to 20 samples with the automated Sample Handling Robot (SHR)
GigaRecon provides high quality data with far fewer views required
Sigray3D features an intuitive GUI for acquiring and measuring data


Life Sciences: Unstained Soft Tissue

X-rays are generally considered too energetic for soft tissue imaging. With the multi-spectral x-ray source on the ChromaXRM, a Chromium target can be selected to provide high quality, cellular resolution imaging of unstained biological soft tissue. Shown is an unstained liver sample with details down to hepatocytes.

Rendered liver and virtual histology cross-section
Carbon Fibers and Low Z Materials

Carbon composites such as carbon fiber reinforced polymers and carbon paper represent some of the most challenging materials for 3D x-ray microscopes to image. The ChromaXRM provides excellent contrast and resolution for these samples, which enable straightforward segmentation for quantification.

Silicon carbide composite using the ChromaXRM. Contrast is substantially improved in comparison with W-based x-ray source results

Microstructural imaging during process development is critical in minimizing time to market. ChromaXRM provides the ability to: quantify batch to batch variations in coating thickness, measure the distribution of API in formulation, and find cracks, voids and defects in tablets and pills. Choice of x-ray target in Sigray’s patented multi-spectral x-ray source improves contrast and throughput.

Entomology and Botany

Selection of lower x-ray energies on the ChromaXRM’s multi-spectral contrast source enables excellent contrast for imaging insects and plants for entomology and botany research.

Technical Specifications of the ChromaXRM-500

OverallSpatial Resolution0.5 um with 40X objective
Minimum Voxel275 nm
SourceTypeSigray patented ultrahigh brightness sealed microfocus source
Voltage20 - 60 kVp
Target(s)Up to 5 targets.
Includes selection from Cr, Cu, Rh, W, Mo, Au, Ti, Ag.
Others available upon request.
Detector(s)TypeUp to 5 detectors. Includes LFOV detectors and high resolution detectors.
Camera4MP deep cooled CCD
Visible Light Camera16MP alignment camera
SoftwareCommand and ControlSigray 3D with Intuitive interface
ReconstructionGigaRecon - fastest commercial CBCT reconstruction software
Offset ScansExpands the horizontal FOV. Sigray software advantage
Helical ScanEnabled for tall samples
AutoPilotAI-assisted microscope operation for unsupervised acquisition
Linux WorkstationInterface is on a Windows workstation, while a separate robust Linux workstation controls the system. Advantageous for reliable 24-7 operation.
EPICSOpen-source software controls for maximum flexibility
DimensionsFootprintDesktop system
250 kg
Sample Size50 x 50 mm diameter


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