Optics Proposal Request Form

Thank you for your interest in our x-ray optics solutions. To get started in customizing your x-ray optic, please fill out the below form to the best of your capabilities. In general, our optics development process is as follows:

  • Initial Phase: Once we receive your beamline parameters from the form, we will schedule a follow-up call to discuss proposed preliminary design parameters. To expedite this process, you can fill in times you are available on the “any additional information?” question at the bottom of the form.
  • Proposal Phase: We will furnish you with a proposal with optics parameters*
  • Quotation: If the proposal is acceptable, we will send you a formal quotation for the agreed-upon parameters

*Note that the initial custom proposal is complimentary. Additional proposals, modifications to the initial proposal, and an extensive ray tracing report can be provided at a $3,000 flat fee. This amount will be credited toward the purchase of an x-ray optic.